Intelligent Security and Control System Solution

With the development of the economy, the increase of the flow of people, the improvement of people's quality of life, the general building has not been able to meet people's requirements for personal and property safety. 

However, the emergence of intelligent building security monitoring system will fundamentally improve this problem. Therefore, the use of modern security technology is the inevitable trend of development.

As a complete construction of each subsystem of intelligent building, how to embody the connotation of "intelligent", how to maximize the play to the function of each subsystem in the service of the demand of the safety management, how to avoid the traditional mode (each subsystem hardware linkage) building system in construction, debugging and routine maintenance are faced with the problem, how to provide a more intuitive man-machine interface service and daily operation safety, is each system integrators must consider a problem, the urgent demand of users at present stage, but also the trend of building up the security system.

The AIOSTAR solution shown in the figure below shows that it USES the integrated security network management software as the core control management platform to solve the problems of multi-subsystem integration in a low-cost way.