The industry of automation relies on the intelligent architecture of industrial computers to change more rapidly than ever before. In the past few decades, industrial automation systems have been quite developed and are used to replacing human labor with discrete control systems. However, the emerging intelligent architecture of industrial automation systems can achieve more.

At present, the development of industrial automation systems has evolved into a variety of control schemes and complex cooperative control. In order to solve the needs of multi-function and multi-tasking, solutions for handling higher-definition images and videos of human-machine interface (HMI) and monitoring applications Ethernet communications that provide remote data access and support for wireless connectivity to increase mobility and integrate into the Internet of Things (IOT). The industrial computer series and the fanless industrial computer series are designed to provide scalable computing performance for the executive management of manufacturing execution systems, and can be used with processors from Intel Atom to 4th generation Intel Core

Based on this, industrial computers are widely deployed at all levels of the industrial automation department. In order to meet the different computing needs of individual levels, Aixin Micro provides a full range of products.


 Automatic production line

 ERP planing & dispatch



 Precess control

 PCB drilling machine

 Auto wire bonder

 Laser cutting machine