AIOSTAR smart classroom is committed to serving the innovation of teaching mode, integrating technology and teaching, and providing comprehensive solutions to support the new teaching modes such as inquiry teaching, small-class teaching, hybrid teaching and flipped classroom.
In higher education, sharp Czech wisdom classroom based on the theory of constructivism, with PST framework (Pedagogy - Space - Technology "teaching method, Space, Technology") for the design principle, innovation put forward 5C (construction, collaboration, communication, connection, create) the construction of the learning environment and simple "convergence" of ideas, learning Space, information Technology and the depth of the education teaching, support teaching method innovation.
In K12 education, AIOSTAR deeply integrates information technology and new teaching method on the basis of group cooperative learning theory, comprehensively supporting the reform of classroom teaching mode. It realizes the regular application of group cooperative learning and the collection of learning situation data, providing the basis and support for teachers to continuously improve teaching.